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Susan Gott


Susan Gott is an accomplished glass artist and educator. She received her B.S. in Art Education from Radford University in 1981 and her Masters in Fine Arts from Kent State University in 1992.

Her continued education is as follows:

1991, '92, 94 Pilchuck Glass School - kiln casting , art and architecture and lost wax casting.

1991 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts - teaching assistant with Paul and Dante Marioni 1988, '89 Penland School - hot glass and casting with Paul Marioni and Albinas Elskus.

1982, '84 Arrowmount School of Arts and Crafts - hot and cold glass techniques and painting on glass.

Gott's art is featured in numerous glass publications and trade journals including Glass Art and New Glass Review 16.

She has been honored with numerous awards and grants including the 2000 Individual Artist Fellowship from the state of Florida, the New Forms Florida Grant, finalist in the Niche Awards and has received grants from the Tampa-Hillsborough Arts Council.

She has completed several public art commissions too numerous to list involving cast glass, steel, lighting elements and seating.

Some of her projects are included in the collections of the City of St. Petersburg, Hillsborough County, Hartline University Transit Center and the University of Central Florida. Gott's sculptural cast glass embodies her interest in mythological imagery, symbolism and traditions from historic and ancient cultures.

She is well versed in many of the techniques used to create glass sculpture including sand casting, blown glass and frequently employs rigid sodium silicate sand molds for hot glass casting. She also makes her own glass murrini, cane and orbs which she incorporates into her large cast art pieces.

Artist's Explanation:

"Hot casting allows me the visual vocabulary to explore and express myself as an artist. Sand casting combines my aesthetic concerns and allows an articulate yet raw method of expressing an ancient connection to the contemporary.

I have an intense interest in symbolism, mythology, and traditions from historic and ancient cultures. I love to travel and I am very interested in ancient civilizations, symbols of ritual art, ancient myths and how they connect us, most deeply, with our own nature and our place in this world.

Through drawing and visual abstraction, I explore these symbols and philosophies to develop ideas using glass as a sculptural medium. The archtypal images that emerge explore spirituality, existence, humor, love, magic, dualities and the beauty of life. The human form is a vessel for my connection to Spirit. The resulting glass, with the primitive qualities and metaphors, are visual representation of the cycles of life as I create a new mythos in glass. These investigations have opened new sources of inspiration for my work and strengthened a connection between my art and that which is timeless".


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