Samir Sammoun

Samir Sammoun


Samir Sammoun was born June 1952, in a quaint Lebanese village perched atop the Chouf Mountain, 40 km south of Beirut. To this day, the artist vividly recalls the colourful Mediterranean landscape of his childhood.

Samir Sammoun immigrated from Lebanon to Canada at age 21 where he obtained degrees in electronic engineering and telecommunications. Since graduation, he has pursued his professional career as well as his passion, painting.

Samir Sammoun has a unique post impressionist style and technique. A great colorist by nature, he has a very rich palette of up to 30 tones and shades. He uses soft, round brushes and works mainly on rough jute and linen canvas. Layers of paint give a natural texture to the canvas.

A landscape artist, Samir Sammoun has a vast repertoire of pictorial themes, willows, apple trees in bloom, wheat fields, olive trees, villages, storms, churchyards and streetscapes. His paintings reflect a tranquil happy mood. This is the art of a man who loves life. As the artist puts it, “I try to make the person looking at my painting feel the color of the sky, the temperature of the air, and the breeze in the apple trees or the wheat stalks.


• Art Gallery of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montréal, Québec, Canada
• Marc-Aurèle Fortin Museum, Montréal, Québec, Canada
• Permanent Collection of the Plattsburgh Sate University Art Museum, Plattsburgh, New York
• McCord Museum, Montréal, February to March 2002
• St-Joseph Oratory Museum, Montréal, Québec, Canad

Also in private collections in the United States, Canada, France, and England


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