Samir Sammoun

Samir Sammoun

Samir Sammoun was born in a quaint Lebanese village perched atop the Chouf Mountain, 40 km south of Beirut in 1952. To this day, the artist vividly recalls the colourful Mediterranean landscape of his childhood. Samir Sammoun immigrated from Lebanon to Canada at age 21 where he obtained degrees in electronic engineering and telecommunications. Since graduation, he has pursued his professional career as well as his passion, painting. Samir Sammoun does have a unique post impressionist style and technique. When starting to paint, Sammoun carefully prepares his canvas with burnt sienna, which he applies with a pig-bristle brush then wipes with a rag to remove any excess. His goal is to have the grain of the canvas show. This technique is used to create the illusion of light emanating from inside the painting. Layers of paint give a natural texture to the canvas. The artist’s technique, successive voluntary strokes, generates a certain relief and variation in the shades. Sammoun’s art should be viewed from a distance of a few feet. At first glance, his paintings seem blurred. Only when the viewer is at the right distance does the depth of the relief and scene appear in three dimensions. Sammoun almost never uses classical perspective. His initial sketch resembles a few blotches that outline shadows and basic reference points in the scene that he has already turned over many times in his mind. The work is then carried out in the ‘automatist’ style that relies on the number of strokes previously applied. The final result comes only at the end when the layers of light are placed in the appropriate places according to the texture generated. Museums: • Art Gallery of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montréal, Québec, Canada • Marc-Aurèle Fortin Museum, Montréal, Québec, Canada • Permanent Collection of the Plattsburgh Sate University Art Museum, Plattsburgh, New York • McCord Museum, Montréal, February to March 2002 • St-Joseph Oratory Museum, Montréal, Québec, Canada

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