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Lotton Glass is comprised of a family of glass-blowers and was founded in 1970 by self-taught glass artist Charles Lotton, the patriarch. Charles became quite well known for his experimentation with glass formulas and colors and his glass studio quickly rose to stellar heights in the art glass world. Charles is now regarded as, "The Tiffany of the Twenty-First Century." His magnificent glassblowing skill and unique artistic vision gave birth to some of the world's most awe inspiring art glass creations. His sons David, Daniel and John learned alongside their father. Each is now an artist of distinction. Grandson Jeremiah began his career in 2000. Jeremiah's brother, Joshua, has since joined the mix, as well as Daniel's son Timothy, adding to the third generation."

Lotton Glass

Charles Lotton

Charles Lotton was born in 1935 in a little Southern Illinois town called Elizabethtown. Charles grew up in a one room log cabin. He recalls his mom washing clothes down in Peter's Creek to make ends meet.

After high school he joined the Air Force and worked as a trouble shooter for bombing & navigational equipment.

Later Charles married his wife Mary and began a family of four children, 3 boys and a girl.

In 1961 they began a successful hair salon which started his artistic endeavors.

In May of 1970 Charles went to The Art Institute and spent the day there to watch glass blowing. He came home that day and told his wife that he was going to be a glass blower and started building a furnace in the back yard.

By January of 1972 Charles met up with the Tiffany expert Lillian Nassau. She had insight that Charles would become great one day. Lillian bought all of Charles' glass for the first five years which enabled him to transition from his hair salon into the world of art glass. Little did anyone else realize forty-five years later Charles would still be creating beautiful one of a kind works of glass art along with his children.

Throughout the years Charles glass has continued to evolve from simple paperweights to Vases, Bowls, Flower Forms, Persian Water Sprinklers, Pendant Lighting, Lamps and Chandeliers. His designs have also evolved from a molten blob made from melted pop bottles in his backyard into the most beautiful creations in the world today. Charles is completely self taught, down to his own formulas that create the color of his glass.

Charles has strong determination to succeed yet has one of the most humble natures of anyone that you will meet. He is a true man of God. Charles attributes his success with his strong faith. He prays that the Lord will continue to bless him and his family with making beautiful glass each day.

Today Charles is world-renown for the most beautiful designs in art, like the 'Multi Flora' and 'Cypriot' styles. These trademark designs have put him into hundreds of major museums and private collections.

Lotton Glass

David Lotton

David Lotton is a second generation American glassblower. He is the oldest son of Charles Lotton and was introduced to the world of glassblowing at a very young age. In 1970 Charles started building a furnace and began blowing pieces of glass from melted down pop bottles in a shed behind their house. David was there in this infancy and he was Charles first assistant at the age of ten. David has vivid memories of his childhood working in the shop with his father. When most children were playing childhood games he was spending time after school and on the weekends helping him at the bench. By the age of 14 he started learning how to do finishing work, polishing the bottom of the glass flat. David eventually followed in his fathers' footsteps and by the age of 15 began making paperweights. That ignited a passion to begin glass blowing.

David has been creating his one of a kind vessels since 1978. His unique handcrafted works are designed with precise attention to detail. Developing his own glass formulas, David has created a complex palette of colors, giving him the ability to create his multi-layering and sculpting style. Each year David continues to study and refine the techniques he uses in creating his art.

David's Clematis Reflection Series, Hollyhock Paperweight Series and Mixed Bouquets Series all reflect his floral patterns which capture his love for detail. He combines color and layering to create depth and beauty. His Organic Sculptures reflect movement and rich hues of a summer sunset. David is inspired by all nature. He has a successful ranch in the hills of Kentucky where he is inspired to evolve, change, and grow continually. He commutes back and forth to fulfill both loves.

David has created his work in a few different locations over the last several years, yet has come back to Lotton Art Glass in Crete, Illinois to create his own work, surrounded by his family. His work is usually a little more limited in quantity, therefore may be made to order.

Lotton Glass

Daniel Lotton

Daniel Lotton is the son of world renown glass artist Charles Lotton. Born into an artistic family, Daniel was encouraged to express his creative energies. At the age of 14 he started working in Charles' Lynwood glass shop learning to make pendants and paperweights. At the age of 17 he started doing Charles' finishing work which consisted of grinding and polishing glass. He later assisted and apprenticed Charles for several years. When Daniel graduated high school he started working full time in the studio for Charles as well as creating his own glass. As his skills grew so did his commitment to his art. Through the years Daniel has grown into the artist that he is now today.

A constant throughout his career and his work is the inspiration he derives from nature. Some of those designs that he has created over his career is his Pulled Fern design, Anthuriums Flowers, Tuliptokiss Flowers, Iris, Asters as well as his signature Cynthia Flower. Surely these will stand the test of time in the art world. Examination of any Daniel Lotton art from paperweights and perfume bottles as well as vases, lamps, and chandeliers will inevitably communicate his desire to emulate the Master's great hand in every laboring creation.

Daniels' passion for glass has changed throughout the years.Daniel spends many hours sketching new designs, perfecting color formulas to personlly excute those ideas to keep his art progressive. At the present time he is captivated in creating beautiful lighting, such as lamps, lighted tables as well as chandeliers. He creates beautiful custom lighting for collectors as well as businesses.

You can find Daniel's studio surrounded by farm fields in the quaint town of Crete, Illinois. Daniel's unique one-of-a-kind pieces can be found in many fine galleries across the country.

His work is collected by art enthusiasts, celebrities, and prominent sports icons both nationally and internationally. NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart, Grammy Award Winner Singer Melissa Etheridge, and Actress Salma Hayek are just a few of the prominent collectors of Daniel Lotton's Art Glass. Assuredly, Daniel Lotton collectibles will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

John Lotton

John Lotton has broken new ground in the art of glass. The third son of Charles Lotton, John has focused on heavy, thick glass bowls and vases, adorned with layer after layer of floral decor. He creates these delicate, but massive pieces free hand.


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