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Award winning artist Vyacheslav (Slava) Korolenkov

Slava Korolenkov was born in 1958 in a small city Tula in the Moscow region. Before entering art college he studies drawing and sculpture. After graduating from the Art Colege he was accepted into the Moscow Art and Industry Academy named after Stroganov. Slava graduated with honors and became a member of the Artists Union of Russia. As his biggest influence he considers famous Rusian artists M. Vrubel, Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin as well as French impressionists.

Several recent exhibitions:

2012 – International Juried Exhibition "Time travels. East-West ," Moscow, Central House of Artists. Slava was awarded Grand Prize for his painting of a nude model. The Grand prize opened doors for Slava for participation in an exhibition in the Louvre.
2012 - International Art Fair, Carousel du Louvre, Paris
2012 - "Poetic Moscow", Country Park, Moscow
2012 - "Reflection", Moscow, Central House of Artists
2013 – Touring exhibition with grand finale at the Central House of Art (CHA) in Mocow.
2014 - "Reflection 5" Moscow, CHA
2015 - Solo exhibition "Joyful Day", CHA
2015 - Exhibition in the Bulat Okudzhava Cultural Foundation "Arbat inspiration", Moscow
2015 - Exhibition "Faces of the world", CHA,Moscow
2015 - Exhibition "Eaten salad ...", CHA, Moscow
2016 – Solo Exhibition & Workshop of Slava Korolenkov, CHA, Moscow
2016 – Group exhibition "Group of Friends", CHA, Moscow
2016 - Exhibition "Time for a change," Museum of Art Deco, Moscow

His works are in private collections in Japan, America, Germany, France and other countries. Since 2012 Slava regularly conducts master classes in Moscow, as well as open-air training in other parts of Russia and abroad. Lives and works in Moscow.

The artist about himself:

A Chinese wise man said to his disciple: "If you want to become an artist, you have a period of fifteen years to learn the skill, then you should not take up a brush next fifteen years. And only then can you become an artist. "

Surprisingly, it happened that way in my life. I graduated from The Art College, exhibited for a few years. Then there was a long pause of years when I did not come to the easel. It was very important for me to understand why I was born, why am I such what is and what should be done with this life.

It so happened that the world has given me happiness to be able to reflect its wonders. Only now, after a quarter century after my graduation from the art school I feel elevated and ecstatic when painting. Previously, it was not. It is a magical process and great joy to apply my soiled with paint brush on the canvas. You could say that my main teacher - is a joy of life. Of course like others I had teachers in drawing, painting, who passed on their experience, and there were idols in painting, Nikolai Feshin, Konstantin Korovin, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Vrubel. I soaked their skill. But my main teacher - every sunny day, which gives me a chance to breathe, smile, chat with family and friends. This is the greatest miracle - be who you are, to see and to live life as it is.

A desire to convey something to the viewer is gone. There is no more intention to change the world. It is perfect. It develops by its own laws. And when I came to a point in my life to start understanding them I stopped attempts to improve them. I just live, watch how everything is moving, changing. I feel a connection to the space around me when I paint something or when just staring straight ahead looking at the world wonders. This lovs and admiration to the world around us squeezes my hand to paint, mixes the desired colors, puts a stroke after stroke on the canvas.


Mikhail Vrubel taught me how to think big and to strive for excellence in painting. I got into the net of his mystique colors, subjects and mystery stories he used as his inspiration. He used simple means (or it looked this way). But this is a false sense. It is necessary to spend years to achieve this credibility, truth in painting. After all, it is the only criterion of excellence. If there is no truth in the work, the viewer will not believe you and will not be able to "live" inside the picture. Vrubel made me think about the most important questions of life. This is an artist, opened for me the mystery of the world.

Konstantin Korovin - Russian impressionist master of light in the picture. A wonderful colorist, whose work is impossible not to admire. He taught me the subtleties of color relationships, a careful observation of color and tone spots, and most importantly, a beautiful arrogance.

Valentin Serov - master of magnificent drawings and impeccable paintings. I learned from him the art of honesty, restraint in the art and diligence. He did not leave the work failed. They are not here. The smallest line his put on canvas was complete and perfect.

Nikolai Feshin - the artist, the works that I come every day, when they were brought from America to us in Moscow at the exhibition. I spent hours looking at the Indian woman with a child, trying to understand how it is painted. Stunned I went home but came back the next day to try again to understand the magic of his art. Nothing. I went to Kazan to see his work, I was allowed into the storage of the Russian Museum. Then in the nineties it was possible to hold his work in my hands. I have read everything you could read about him, his letters and diaries. I met with artists who studied with his students. I bathed in the scent of his paintings, as well as other listed and not listed artists I have, as a result formed a new vision of the world for me and my style.


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