Igor Grechanyk

Igor Grechanyk


Igor Grechanyk was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Raised in an artistic family, he has been passionate about art and drawing from early childhood. He attended the Republican Art School, graduating in 1978, and the State Art Institute in Kiev, graduating in 1984.

Igor Grechanyk’s acclaimed sculptures have earned him an honored position as one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Numerous international exhibitions of his works have met with tremendous success. His style is familiar in artistic circles; to collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts worldwide. Exquisite bronze creations of Igor Grechanyk enchant the beholder with magical harmony. These images – surreal and symbolic – transcend boundaries to channel unknown realms. Their gracefulness and force of inner energy is impressive. The powerful application of contrasting textures, symbolic imagery and intricate detail of each work conjure the existence of a hidden mystery, both within the universe and the individual. His body of work glides effortlessly from the real world into the world of imagination.

Artist’s Statement

“Our world is a mystery. Art helps us to cherish the knowledge of this mystery in our soul. The artist spreads his feelings as his wings. He broadens his perceptions on his quest to touch the hidden parts of the world, where we otherwise have no access. Art is my way to explore the world, its invisible realm in particular. I'm structuring my intent to reveal to this world the harmony in the Universe.”

“Primeval power, beauty and elegance vie for priority…, the spiritual, immaterial expression takes precedence over and gloriously outshines the material reality of the sculpture… In fact, Igor Grechanyk’s sculptures may be seen as symbols of a spiritual entity. His art shows a strong affinity with symbolism, which, as a reaction to the realism that dominated the arts around 1850, focused attention on the power of imagination, fantastic images and intuition”.
Gerrit Ludinga, Dutch art historian, poet and curator

Igor Grechanyk is a member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine and the Society for Art of Imagination in London. He is a leader of the Creative Association, The Golden Gate, founded in 1997 in Kiev. He is a distinguished foreign artist at the Yuehua Painting Academy, Guangzhou, China. His works are widely held in private and museum collections in Ukraine and throughout the world. He figures prominently in international catalogues of the world’s leading artists in contemporary imaginary art. He is the recipient of prestigious Ukrainian and international awards. He is the creator of a number of monumental public works. Currently, Igor Grechanyk resides and works in Kiev, Ukraine.


Republican Art School, Kiev, Ukraine
Academy of Art, Kiev, Ukraine, (formerly, State Art Institute) Master of Art, Sculpture

Recent Awards

April 2016 - Art Revolution Taipei Fair – International Artist Contest Award
September 2015 – Art Olympus national program award for significant contributions to Art and Culture, Kiev, Ukraine
November 2013 – nomination for the Person of the Year, Art and Culture Award, Ukraine
June 2011 – recipient of the coveted Flame of Peace, Cultural Ambassador for Peace Award. Bestowed by the Habsburg-Lothringen Imperial Family of Austria

Major Museum Collections

Ukrainian Museum, New York
National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev
Ukrainian Institute of America, New York
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Kiev
Academy of Art, Kiev
Academy of Art, St. Petersburg
Holodomor Famine Museum in Kiev - Memorial in Commemoration of Famines' Victims in Ukraine, permanent exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine

Private Collections

Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, USA

Recent Solo Exhibitions

2017 –  China, Dongguan: Dongguan Central Art Space
2015 – China, Guangzhou: solo exhibition; Guangdong Yuehua Painting Academy
2014 – USA, New York: solo exhibition, Power of Freedom; Ukrainian Institute of America
2014 – The Netherlands, Bergen: solo exhibition; Galerie Pictura
2013 – China, Guangzhou: solo exhibition; Guangdong Yuehua Painting Academy
2012 – Monaco, Monte-Carlo: solo exhibition, New Harmony; Maison de L’Amérique Latine de Monaco, Sous la Présidence d’Honneur de S. A. S. le Prince Albert II de Monaco, Europa-Résidence
2011 – USA, Washington D.C.: solo exhibition, P & C Art Gallery
2011 – USA, New York: solo exhibition, Ukrainian Institute of America. Under the patronage of the Consul General of Ukraine in New York, Mr. Serhiy Pohoreltsev
2011 – Austria, Vienna: solo exhibition, The Bridge of Spirit over the River of Life, MOYA Museum

Public Commissions

June 2016 – Official dedication of public monument to Ukrainian national poet, Taras Shevchenko (bronze, h - 4 m), by the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and the President of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev; Sofia, Bulgaria

November 2015 – Monument to Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko (bronze, h - 3,5 m); Riga, Latvia. Official dedication hosted by the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Latvia
April 2015 - Prince Frog sculpture (bronze, h – 157 cm), Zurich, Switzerland
March 2014 - Taras Shevchenko on the barricades

February 2014 – 6-meter-high sculpture composition, Guangzhou, China
November 2013 – sculpture dedicated to Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, Institute for Slavic Studies, Vienna University, Vienna, Austria
November 2013 – Mournful Figure of a Woman, Days of Sorrow (gypsum, h – 170 cm), Holodomor Famine Museum in Kiev: Memorial in commemoration of famine victims in Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine
April 2013 – Memorial stela to Mykola Berdyaev (Nicolas Berdiaev), eminent philosopher, (bronze, 155 x 125 cm), Kiev University
June 2012 – Monument to Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko (bronze, h – 3,8 m), Khust, Ukraine
December 2010 - Memorial stela to Ukrainian warriors who perished during the liberation of Pleven, Bulgaria
May 2009 – Sculpture of Mercury, Roman god of commerce. Commissioned by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, (bronze, h – 3,5 m); Kiev, Ukraine
April 2009 – Memorial stela in honor of the first Ukrainian legation in Azerbaijan, 1919-1920. Dedicated by Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko, and the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliev – Baku, Azerbaijan
September 2008 – Memorial plaque to Artemiy Vedel, 18th century Ukrainian composer. Wall installation at Kiev’s oldest university and Vedel’s alma mater and workplace Kuiv-Mohyla Academy; Kiev, Ukraine
June 2008 – Monument to foremost Ukrainian poet, Taras Shevchenko. Dedicated by the President of Ukraine, Victor Yuschenko, and the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliev; Baku, Azerbaijan

There are additional earlier public commissions.

Exhibitions (Partial List)

2017 – Taiwan, Taipei: Art Revolution Taipei Fair
2017 – Taiwan, Taipei: international exhibition, X-Power Gallery
2017 – USA, Miami: sculpture exhibition, Timeless Gallery
2017 – Traun, Austria: international exhibition and book release, Dreamscapes VI 
2017 – Poland, Szczyrk and Wiener Neustadt, Austria: international exhibition, Magical Dreams IV; Bator Art Gallery and Dom Galerie
2017 – Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian Academy of Art, House of Artists
2017 – Ukraine, Kiev: group exhibition of contemporary sculpture, House of Artists
2016 – Taiwan, Taipei: Art Revolution Taipei Fair Award
2016 – USA, Seattle: international exhibition, Im'ago Primordialis, Gallery Krab Jab Studio
2015 - 2016 – Malmo, Sweden; Miami, USA; Gdynia, Poland: permanent exhibitions, Timeless Galleries Group
2015 and 2016 – The Netherlands, Gauda: Gauda Annual Art Fair, Galerie Montulet
2015 – Switzerland, Zurich: joint exhibition; H.-R. Giger paintings, Igor Grechanyk sculptures, Galerie Alexander E. Raeber
2015 – Poland, Szczyrk: international exhibition; Magical Dreams III, Beskidzka Galeria Sztuki
2015 – The Netherlands, Bergen: exhibition by Gerard Di-Maccio and Igor Grechanyk; Visionair Realisme, Galerie Pictura
2015 –  Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition of modern sculpture, Museum Art Arsenal
2014 – Roskilde, Denmark: international exhibition Guest of Honor, Imaginaire VII; castle of Baron Philip von Malsen-Plessen
2014 – Belgium, Bilzen: international exhibition, Dreamscapes; Alden Biesen Castle
2014 – USA, Yonkers, New York: Seers of the Soul; Blue Door Gallery
2014 – USA, Troy, New York: Of Beauties and Beasts, Clement Art Gallery
2014 – Poland, Wloclawek; Germany, Viechtach: international exhibition, Magical Dreams 2; Gallery of Contemporary Art and City Hall
2014 – China, Shenzhen: exhibition of modern sculpture; Exhibition Center
2013 – China, Shanghai: Art-Shanghai 2013, Europ’Art, China Gallery, ShanghaiMART
2013 – Denmark, Hilleroed: Imaginaire VI, Fantasmus Art 
2013 – Poland, Krakow: Art Krakow
2013 – Poland, Szczyrk: international exhibition, Magical Dreams, Beskidzka Galeria Sztuki
2013 – Germany-Netherlands-Belgium: international art project group exhibitions; Dreamscapes-V, curators Marcel Salome (Re-Art, Netherlands) and Gerrit Luidinga
2013 – China, Guangzhou: Art Fair in Guangzhou, Baiyun Convention Center
2013 – Ukraine, Kiev: group exhibition; Noah's Ark, House of Artists
2012 – China, Shenzhen: Art Shenzhen
2012 – China, Guangzhou: 17th Guangzhou Art Fair and group exhibition; Guangdong Yuehua Painting Academy
2012 – Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition of modern sculpture, Museum Art; Arsenal
2012 – USA, Kansas City: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live; Kansas City Convention Center
2012 – The Netherlands, Hilversum: international exhibition, Fantastisch Perspectief, CBK GSH Galerie
2012 – Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition, Nu, Gallery Mytets
2012 – Poland, Wloclawek: international exhibition; Magical Dreams, Gallery of Contemporary Art
2011 – USA, Washington D.C.:solo exhibition; P & C Art Gallery
2011 – USA, New York: solo exhibition, Ukrainian Institute of America. Under the patronage of the Consul General of Ukraine in New York, Mr. Serhiy Pohoreltsev.
2011 – France, Marseille: exhibition under the patronage of the Consul of Ukraine in Marseille, Mr. Viacheslav Vosdigan.
2011 – Austria, Vienna: solo exhibition; The Bridge of Spirit over the River of Life, MOYA Museum
2011 – Ukraine, Kiev: Exhibition of The Golden Gate Creative Association; Pit-Art Gallery
2011 – Ukraine, Kiev: Sculpture Exhibition and Fine Art Ukraine, Museum Art-Arsenal
2011 – Switzerland, Geneva: Collectif d'artistes peinture, photographie, sculpture; Exclusive Arts SA, Mimesis Contempor

2010-2011 –Denmark, Copenhagen: book presentation; Imaginaire III, Hilleroed Library, C.A.I.I.R. Center for Art of International Imaginary Realism
2010 – Denmark, Copenhagen: group exhibition of the art of Magic Realism; Fantasmus Art Gallery
2010 – France, Paris: Exposition D'amour et de vie, la passion origine de toute creation. La comissaire d'exposition: Christine Labbe, L’organisateur: Art of Now
2010 – USA, Washington D.C.: solo exhibition, The Bridge of Spirit over the River of Life; P & C Art Gallery
2010 – Ukraine, Kiev: Stairway to Heaven Festival, Ukrainian House, European square
2010 – Switzerland, Geneva: exhibition with painter Victor Safonkin; Victory of Mystical Moods - Two European Masters of Symbolic and Fantastic Art, Exclusive Arts SA, Mimesis Contemporary Art
2010 – Ukraine, Kiev: Fine Art Ukraine, Ukrainian House
2010 – USA, New York: solo exhibition; Looking through the Bronze; Ukrainian Institute of America
2010 – France, Paris: solo exhibition; La Magie du Bronze, ArtClub Gallery
2010 – France, Paris: solo exhibition; Le Centre Culturel de l’Ambassade d’Ukraine
2010 – The Netherlands, Amsterdam: book release exhibition; Dreamscapes 2010
2010 – Ukraine, Kiev: sculpture exhibition; Ukrainian House
2010 – France, Nice: Night of Sculpture in Nice; Galerie Princesse de Kiev
2010 – Belgium, Brussels: solo exhibition, Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the European Union
2010 – Belgium, Brussels: L’exposition de l'hiver 2010 d’Espace Evanescence
2009 – 2010 - USA, New York: solo exhibition, Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations
2009 – USA, New York: solo exhibition; Dreams of Ukraine; Ukrainian Museum in New York
2009 – USA, Washington D.C.: solo exhibition; Embassy of Ukraine to the USA
2009 – USA, Santa Fe: The Art of Imaginary Realism; Chalk Farm Gallery
2009 – Denmark, Saeby; Germany, Viechtach: international project; Dante's Divine Comedy, curator Claus Brusen; Antasmus-ArtC.A.I.I.R. (Center for Art of International Imaginary) Realism
2009 – The Netherlands, Woerden: Het Ultieme Contrast; Art Society Woerden
2009 – Ukraine, Kiev: sculpture exhibition; Ukrainian House
2008 – The Netherlands, Amsterdam: book release exhibition; Dreamscapes 2008
2008 – France, Nice: Igor Grechanyk & Salvador Dali exhibition; L'Alchimie du Bronze; Galerie Princesse de Kiev
2008 – Switzerland, Bern: Exposition on Occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine; Embassy of Ukraine with participation of Galerie Alexander E. Raeber
2008 – Ukraine, Kiev: Art-Kiev, Ukrainian House
2008 – Ukraine, Kiev: GogolFest; Art Arsenal
2008 – Denmark, Saeby: exhibition of fantastic figurative art; Gallery Fantasmus
2008 – The Netherlands, Leeuwarden: Igor Grechanyk en Russische Kunst exhibition with Ukrainian Embassy support; Galerie De Gouden Phoenix
2008 – France, Nice: exhibition; Les Metamorphoses des Faunes; Galerie Princesse de Kiev
2007 – Denmark; Re-Art, Holland: book release exhibitions; Galerie Brusen
2007 2007 – Denmark, Holland, France: Exhibition of Imaginary Art; Venus and the Female Intuition; Dreamscape
2007 – Great Britain, London: Exhibition of The Society for Art of the Imagination; The Mall Gallery
2007 – Monaco: Espace Fontvieille; Salon DEC'OH

2007 – Ukraine, Kiev: Grand Salon, Ukrainian House
2007 – France, Nice: exhibition of fantastic art; Galerie Princesse de Kiev
2006 – Switzerland, Zurich: exhibition with painter, Rolf Ziegler; Galerie Alexander E. Raeber
2006 – Denmark, Copenhagen and Saeby: exhibition of fantastic figurative art; Galerie Brusen
2006 – Switzerland, Gruyeres: group exhibition; A Feast for Imagination; HR Giger Museum
2006 – Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition; Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine; Gallery LADA
2005 – Manchester Art Show
2005 – France, Paris: Contemporary Masters of Imaginary; Galerie Michelle Boulet
2005 – Ukraine, Kiev: The Charm of Femininity; Central Exhibition Hall, Ukrainian House
2005 – Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition of Ukrainian Art, World Economic Forum, Ukrainian House
2005 – Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition; On the Road of Myths, Golden Gate Creative Association, Ukrainian House
2005 – Ukraine, Kiev: Winter Garden group exhibition, Central Exhibition Hall, Ukrainian House
2005 – The Netherlands, Amsterdam: Realisme05, Modern Figurative Art Show
2004 – The Netherlands, Nieuweschhans: Sculptuur in Beeld X; Galerie Wiek XX
2004 – The Netherlands, Woerden: group exhibition; Galerie Paradijs
2003 – The Netherlands, Woerden: - group exhibition, Ernst Fuchs, Igor Grechanyk, Andre Martins de Barros, Reon, Anita Nunez Larraz, Victor Safonkin; Galerie Paradij
2003 – Ukraine, Kiev: exhibition at City Hall
2002 – Russia, Moscow: solo exhibition; Cultural Center of Ukraine in Moscow
2002 – Russia, Moscow: International Art-Salon; Central Palace of Artists
2002 – Ukraine, Kiev: Triennale of Sculptures; National House of Artists
2001 – Germany, Magdeburg: solo exhibition; Gala-Galerie
2001 – Germany, Magdeburg: II International Art Festival -Gala-Art
2000 – Germany, Hannover - solo exhibition in Ukrainian pavilion- Expo-2000
2000 – Germany, Magdeburg - I International Art Festival; Gala-Art
2000 – Ukraine, Kiev: group exhibition; Gallery City N

1980-90 – Exhibitions in the Ukraine and abroad including: Manezh, Moscow; the Art Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia; Treasures of a Forgotten Country, group exhibition, Lincoln Center, New York; Irena Gallery, solo exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine; US exhibitions in Pittsburg, PA and St. Petersburg, FL, European exhibitions in France and Sweden. Igor Grechanyk also organized exhibitions of the Creative Association, Golden Gates, in Kiev, and an exhibition devoted to Carlos Castaneda.


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