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Graux is pronounced (grow)

David Graux was born in Besançon, France in 1970, where he still lives and works. He has experimented with different styles before finding his own unique artistic touch. His main subject is the beauty and mystery of woman, evoked both through his sensual nudes and through the symbolic richness and Oriental motifs of his colorful backgrounds. His paintings are, in effect, forms of tangible poetry.

Even David Graux’s titles exude poetry, let alone his evocative art. “Hint of Dew,” “The Beauty of Doubt”, “The echo of a dream” all suggest the last breath of Romanticism as it meets the impenetrable mystery of Symbolism. As in Symbolist poetry, Graux’s art combines the accessible with the unintelligible. The beautiful nudes are palpably accessible: sensual, classic, in private poses that excite the curiosity, stimulating dream, but not desire. Yet the Oriental symbols—invented by the artist and belonging only to the language of his own imagination–are ungraspable. They touch upon the playful and the abstract, never fading into mere background or ornamentation. On the contrary, they travel the surface of the paintings, functioning as background and foreground alike–as an enveloping atmosphere–to the ethereal nudes.

"David Graux’s art, like all forms of poetic expression, is inherently philosophical. It captures the essence of a significant aspect of human existence: the way in which what seems most transparent, accessible, real and temporal is simultaneously illegible, distant and unattainable." Claudia Moscovici

David Graux offers a most personal and original representation of the eternal woman in her purest beauty, and places her against very elaborate compositions reminiscent of Asian cultures, which seem to exert a real fascination upon him.

The titles of his paintings suffice to render the poetry, mystery and passion permeating his works. Nevertheless, each of his paintings remains an unsolved puzzle – a fluid beauty whose face in never seen, who only wears enough clothes to safeguard her decency, and who appears as levitating on the surface of the canvas, against a no less mysterious background.

This background has nothing figurative about it: it does not show the insides of a house or landscape. It is rather a pure intellectual construction bordering on abstraction. It gives the impression that the young lady has come out of the pages of a scholarly book written in a long-forgotten or fictitious language.

Unless all these superimposed messages hanging in mid-air like Japanese Kakemonos are the intimate confidences of the painter to his lover. The atmosphere, the light which is sometimes dimmed, sometimes shining on the light-colored, bright flesh of his characters – everything is mysterious about these paintings.

These are all original paintings. They are painted with oil for the figures and acrylic on his abstract backgrounds.

_1994 exhibition in Strasbourg & Besançon .
_1995 exhibition in Besancon, Paris and Strasbourg
_1996 exhibition in Colmar
_1998 exhibition in Paris ( Galerie LEADOUZE 2,Avenue Matignon) 1 Besançon.
_1999 exhibition in LYON (Galerie Art Club )
_2000 Exhibition in Nancy (Galerie Raugraff)
_2001 exhibition in Paris (Galerie Art Club , rue de Rivoli)
_2002 exhibition in Besançon
_2003 exhibition in Nancy & Lyon (Art Club)
_2004 exhibition in Paris(Art Club)
_2005 exhibition in Besancon & Lausanne (Switzerland)
_2007 exhibition in Nancy
_2008 Exhibition in Paris (Art Club) & Besançon
_2009 exhibition in Besançon & Lyon (Art Club)
_2010 exhibition in Nancy & Ajaccio (Corsica Island)

He has been exhibiting his work consistently in France with successful one-man shows in Paris, Strasburg, Lyon, Nancy and recently on Corsica Island. He shows have always been highly successful and his fame continues to grow.

David is a consistent hard working painter. But at any time there is a waiting list for the new work as all the works he produced over these many years are all sold.We are very lucky to be able to offer this talented and successful painter to our American Clients. His work is at Onessimo Gallery by special arrangement with David and his US agent. We have chosen what we feel are very strong group of works for this US introduction. Prices on these works are very competitive. He has a strong and developed market for his work in Europe.


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