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Alessandro Casson was born in Venice,Italy and received his Doctorate in Political Science and Economics at the Padua University Padua and History at the Venice University.

Casson is an example of a well rounded Renaissance man; during his years at the university he also pursued studies in art. Later in his career, using unique non-traditional techniques, he created paintings and computer designs which were featured in national and international publications and advertising campaigns.

During the last 10 years his interest focused on sculptural art glass.

Casson's interest in glass as a medium for sculpture lead him to work with various Venetian and internationally established glass artists.

- Style and technique -

In accordance with the 20th century European tradition of glassmaking, his creativity as a designer is combined with the experience and skills of top Murano glassblowers. A scientific understanding, combined with his education, gives him the ability to fuse different techniques in the production processes while working with various master glassblowers and craftsmen (smiths, carpenters, glass cold workers).

The pieces are created using a very complex and difficult technique called ‘Tociar Piera' (translated as ‘Roll Up'). Layers of patterns are created by fusing canes, glass threads, murrine and various powders on a refractory stone. The patterned glass is then rolled up on a gather of glass and blown out to the desired form. The sculpture is finished and textured with cold work, engraving and carving to reveal the layers of complex patterns and achieve a soft matte surface.

Unlike the traditional system in Murano where secrecy of techniques and methods of design were highly guarded, Alessandro believes that the sharing of knowledge and techniques will only further help in the continued recognition and advancement of glass as an art medium; for him, learning is an ongoing process and through the years he has developed skills as a result of daily experience.

To design his sculpture he first makes a drawing of the piece giving careful consideration to the aesthetics, shape and proportions he envisions. To verify the final visual effect without blowing several prototypes, a virtual object is created using 3D computer graphics and rendering software. Then a precise production plan is sketched in full scale, accompanied by specific annotations, so no detail or feature is left to chance.

His artworks feature sinuous, wavy forms in vibrant colored glass deeply coldworked. The engraved surface creates depth and texture as well as subtle contrasts in opacity and transparency. The textural and tactile qualities of the coldwork heighten the sculptural effect of each piece


- PhD, Political Science and Economics, University of Padua, Italy

Books publications:

- "50 Distinguished Contemporary Artists in Glass", Judith Neiswander (Curator, British Museum and Fogg Museum) and Caroline Swash (St. Matins College, London) British Museum Publishers Ltd., London

- "Cold + hot", Micaëla Publishing, USA

– " Venetian Glass", Excellent Leven and Wonen, NL

- "Art Glass Today",Jeffrey B. Snyder, Schiffer Publishing, USA

Exhibitions: Including but not limited to:

- "Shapes and visions: different perspectives", Italian Art Collection, Capri (NA), Italy
- "Art Glass in the Venetian Tradition", Silecchia Gallery, Sarasota, FL, USA

- "Glass Now 2009", National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA, USA
- "Bird Series", Butters Gallery, Portland, OR, USA

- SOFA, Chicago, IL, USA
- Haughton International Art+Design Fair, represented by Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA
- "Cold+Hot 2008", Micaëla Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
- "VETRO!", New River Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
- "Art Glass 2008", Mary Martin Gallery of Fine Art, Charleston, SC, USA
- "20th Anniversary Group Show", Butters Gallery, Portland, OR, USA
- "4th Anniversary Invitational", Prism Contemporary, Chicago, IL, USA
- "Art Glass Sculpture Exhibition", Galleria Silecchia, Sarasota, FL, USA
- "Birds and Vessels", Butters Gallery, Portland, OR, USA

- Solo exhibit, National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA, USA


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