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Magic Spring

Magic Spring 2012
She sits in quiet meditation as the first light of a spring day touches her face.
21" Tx 25" W x 13" D Half Life Size
Limited Edition: 48 Plus Proofs Weight 82 Lbs.

Magic Spring

Magical Spring - 2013
New Release Available One Third Life Size
Bronze 15.5" T x 10.5" W x 17" D

Lost Wax Cast Bronze One Third Life
Available in a Custom or Traditional Patina
Limited Edition of 120 Plus Proofs Weight 40 Lbs.

Magic Spring

Custom Patina Bronze
Available in two sizes
1/3Life Size 28" T x 14" W x 14" D Edition 60
3/4 Life Size 53" T x 32" W x 24" D Edition Size: 24
Plus Proofs Weight 275 lbs

Available through Onessimo Fine Art Gallery

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