The “Clairvoyant Fortune‐Teller visit” represents a risky, smoky fantasy that some of us share.
As our overly active minds grind out scenarios of what’s around the next corner for us we are sometimes lulled into the luxurious thought of. “wouldn’t it be a lovely thing if someone could just give us the answers to all of our key questions?” Its like seeing a fairy magician that can advise us on what to do in some of our most perilous and important moments ...
While divine guidance and the plotting of our futures is always possible from various sources, most of the time, the answers we seek are within us, if we but take the time to look.

Jacqueline Vanden Baar

Symbolic of the outfit in Marc Andre J. Fortier’s work

Clothing is the external packaging we choose to wear which sometimes reflects who we are, or who we might want to be that day or night. How we meticulously adorn ourselves and fashion, on its own, are absolutely a form of artistic expression. Fabric, texture, flow, color, cut and embellishment, come together like a symphony that when joined, can sing out a lingering impression. Today's rigid and dark wool suit can be worn to communicate power and authority like a kind of military uniform to warn others off and tomorrow's layered, transparent and draping shift can be partnered to reflect whimsy and invitation.... May we never tire of this ritual of self expression...

Jacqueline Vanden Baar


Digital Printmaking
Neutral ph, Polyester‐cotton canvas
Silver colored Frame
53’’L. x 64’’H.
68.5 " x 53"

Available through Onessimo Fine Art Gallery

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