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Artist Victor ShelegVictor Sheleg was born in 1962 in a small city Lomonosov, in the St Petersburg (then Leningrad) region of Russia.  His family soon moved to Liepaja, Latvia and he resides there since. At age 12 Victor discovered fine art and was painting from this moment on all his life. Drawing, painting, sculpting came to him naturally and almost effortlessly. He never went to an art school or art academy, never took classes with famous artists. From age twelve he by himself studied history of world’s art and copied everything he saw in the art books, art posters or in museums. He began to sell his paintings at age sixteen, and since that time he fully supported himself.
His fame came to him when a city gallery/museum of modern art Ars Moderna (Riga, Latvia) took him under it’s wing and the museum curators even created a name for his painting style. They called it “expressive synthesis.”

In the words of the general curator of Ars Moderna:
Expressiveness achieved with the help of grotesque forms, liberal lines and accented color spots correspond to definition “expressive”. Notion of “synthesis” contains material, subconscious feeling and personality of the artist himself and realization of emotions grounded on analysis of the surrounding world and sense of own ego in this world.

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