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Art Valero paintingArt was born in Mexico City in 1967 and moved to the United States in 1972. Art developed an interest in art at a young age -- took art lessons for 2 years when he was 12, but that was it. He is really self taught. He spent time in New York trying to break into the art scene, and that is when he met a well known illustrator and begin to get work as an illustrator. In about 1993 or 1994, Art moved to Charleston when he realized that all he needed was a fax and a phone to conduct business.

Art's partial client list is quite impressive and includes:

The U.S. Post Office, Prudential, GTE, LA Times, Detroit Free Press,Washington Post, Miami New Times,Dow Jones & Co., Foreign Service Journal, Governing, American Banker, Datamation, Globe Communications, Metropolis Corp, American Prospect, Kiwanis, Cahners Publishing, McMurry Publishing, Computer World, Net Guide, Network World, Fallon health care systems, Interactive week, Remedy Magazine, NYU Magazine, MKW Advertising, CMP Media, Kirchoff Wohlberg, Liebchen & Liebchen, Helsinki Design Media, Pro-Assurance, Penn State Medical Center, The Hartford Courant, TIME Magazine for kids, Mercer, Columbia Business School, ASAE, Financial Times, Latin Grammy Awards, National Assoc. of Realty, Grayton Group, United Airlines,American Express and many others.


"What is human, if not a catalyst to express the abstract form.

There is a type of transcendence that occurs with artwork, this is an almost contradictory hypnotic state of awareness.  To me the existence of an intimate relationship between a painting and its viewer is fundamental.  This is that obscure and imperceptible language that is only recognized by each individual, my mother would say "I know what I like.'

There is an intentional evasiveness in my work, these are the things that are not actually painted but implied.  When figures and nature are more about shapes and atmosphere they are reduced to emotion, this mood is their strength.  At first glance these images appear disconnected and somewhat ambiguous but it is this detachment from reality that allows them to become a middle ground for cognitive subject matter.  In these images you might see something familiar but not specific, a vague sense of place but from a separate reality.  what is a leap of faith, where do we go when we dream and when does something become fixed in time.  If this is intuition and memory then these scenes are roadmaps to that imprecise and indirect connectin to the psyche.  This must be how children interpret clouds.

Since I am self taught and have been left to my own devices I find my influences everywhere and in everyone.  My approach to image making starts with sentiments on paper, then introduce a basic color theory with a classical composition.  Last is the task of removing confirmations and personal rhetoric.  In the end what really matters is you finding your own unique vocabulary."

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