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André Schirmer



An urban painter, he is primarily interested in the movement of light in city centers. Thus, he prefers living at night and seeing the black asphalt. His work is greatly inspired by capturing the movement of different colors in daily life. A canvas in motion, his paintings become real adventures in which traffic jams and city life become a creative outlet.
Intensive traffic !

Andrew Schirmer particularly interested in the color and lighting effects that happen in major cities and the people he has observed in his immediate environment. Designer, graphic designer, illustrator and painter. He managed Led Claw Design, a firm of designers. First landscape painter, he then became an urban painter.

« Meeting Schirmer was a great pleasure because I found him to be a very mature man, in love with his art, very poised, and especially interested in peopleʼs opinions about his work. Its purpose is really to show the sensitivity of the environments in which he operates. »
By Jessica Lesage / Radio Canada


École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal/Montreal’s school of Fine Art, 1967

Exposition individuelle/Solo Exhibitons

Original Works by André Schirmer, Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary 2012
Les dames de La Fontaine, Espace Lafontaine, Montreal, 2011
Galerie Baliz, Montreal, 2007
Galerie Harwood, Hudson,2007
Galerie Harrison, Montreal, 2005
Exposition La Farandole des arts visuels du Lac Masson, août 2007
Exposition Galerie Henry Giroux , St-Sauveur, 2002
Exposition au Centre de commerce mondiale, 1998
Exposition privée, Montréal, 1996
Exposition au Centre d’Histoire de Montréal, 1994
Exposition TRAFFIC, Vieux-Montréal ,1993
Exposition à la Galerie Clarence Gagnon, 1984

Lieu d’exposition permanent/Permanent exhibiton

Galerie Carpe Diem, Knowlton
Lise Leclerc, courtier en œuvres d’art, Québec
Galerie MX, Montréal
Studio 261, Montréal
Café Les Entretiens, Montréal
Las Olas Fine Arts, Fort Lauderdale
The Koyman Galleries, Ottawa
Stephen Lowe Art, Calgary

Collection corporatives/ Corporatives collections

Avmor Montreal
DuMaurier Imperial Tobacco
Journal La Presse
Magil Construction
Organisation de l’aviation civile international
Bell Canada
Aéroport de Montréal

Participation au Palm Beach Art Antique and Jewelry Fair, Février 2012


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