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Veronica Gunnarson


VERONICA Gunnarson

1972 Born in Miami, Florida

Veronica Gunnarson ’s paintings fuse both a free-flow style of intuition with the delicate and precise impact of pointillism.  Influenced from objects as diverse as Baccarat crystal, embroidery, jewelery and pop culture, Gunnarson’s contemporary canvases consists of layers of patterns, textures and colors, each aesthetically balanced in the symphony of her compositions.  Executed with bold intensity, the raw energy suggested through Saenz’s paintings consistently question the reliability of both sensory impressions and intimacy of the movement.

Capturing the transparencies of crystal and traditional stitching techniques, Gunnarson’s aesthetic of   intuitional action is derived from a highly planned process.  Each work of art is manifested from her fascination in boldly intensive patterns, elements which are poured, dripped, overlapped and pushed to resemble dots.  Saenz builds up each canvas in a series of internally consistent characteristics, engaging her emotion on one visual motif at a time.

Respecting each layer as an individual entity, Saenz’s paintings lure the viewer into an atmosphere where one can let go and discover her imagination and interpret the detailed work. Each work is a history of accurately transmitted memories overlapped to create a spiritual evolution. Her deliberate intention to draw the viewer into her world is to create a personal journey for each person.



2007   Art Basel, Art Fusion Gallery, Design District, Miami: FL.

2006  Eau de Toilet — a New York based band — collaborated with Gunnarson by using her art as massive backdrops to accompany their off-the-wall concerts

Investors such as Scott Silver of Grouper Financial enjoy collecting and investing in her vision and selected her to be part of the 1st Sobay Festival in Deering Estate and Palmetto Bay.

2004  Chat, a movie written and produced by Robert Seoane featured Saenz’s paintings.

Musical group Ed Hale and the Transcendence not only had her as his muse for the record "Rise and Shine", her art work was also displayed on his record cover.

2003   Bad Boys 2, Director Michael Bay in collaboration with Columbia Pictures, requested Gunnarson’s paintings appear in his film.  In order to do this, he changed one of the lead character’s hobby in the script from sailor to painter.  

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