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Leigh Rivers


Leigh Rivers was born on Long Island, New York. Rivers studied drawing at the New School of Social Research in New York City, painting at Syracuse University and received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. Involved in experimental and innovative visual mediums during the late 1960s, she developed a successful career as a production designer for feature films, television commercials and print advertising. Ongoing exploration in Eastern and Western medicines and spiritual disciplines is an ever present source for her philosophy and art.

Rivers’ current body of work is characterized by minimalist and random accidental gestures. Using the landscape as a point of departure…Her sensibilities fuse disparate spiritual attitudes creating esoteric canvases worthy of deep exploration and meditation. Drawing on materials attained from simultaneous graduate studies in both Eastern and Western Medicines, Rivers found: “The Western thought process defines, obsessively labels, and intricately studies tangible and linear physical properties down to the smallest particle. Although overly sterile and obsessive at times, I have always found strength in its diligent nature. Conversely, the study of Eastern thought teaches about ever changing dynamics and fluid relationships. Lucidity. Transience. This promise of limitless possibility causes endless wonder and inspiration for me. My paintings seek to capture the relationships and dichotomies between these two methods of thought; how each process informs and elevates the other - how we think and our frame of reference is a major force behind my work”.

Leigh Rivers’ work is exhibited at galleries throughout the United States and in Boston is currently displayed at the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common and at the Boston Eye Institute.

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