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Raluca Pilat


Originally from Romania, Raluca Pilat hails as an artist that manifests a significant versatility in all aspects of the visual arts. Her diverse portfolio shows her mastery over most mediums, from oil, acrylic and pastel painting to graphics.

Her learning journey begins at the Fine Arts High School Nicolae Tonitza, followed by the Fine Arts Academy Nicolae Grigorescu in Bucharest (Arts Baccalaureate in 1989). After her university studies, Raluca worked as a professor of Art for more than 12 years. In this role, she was instrumental in aiding many students to explore their talent and evolve their artistic skills. Throughout this period, she also continued her creative work, with her art being displayed at multiple exhibitions and events in Romania and abroad. Her work is part of several collections in Europe and America. Her corpus let us see a soul of an artist in full possession of her means. Through her imagery, the artist plunges the audience in a dream universe, immersing them in a philosophy on the fate of the human being and on his connection with the material world. Her themes are inspired by a thought process which tries to explain the mysteries of life, man's own evolution as well as the connection between the tangible real world and that which lies beyond it.

Her technique is imbued with force, vitality and freshness. Her use of color is precise and her touch, sometimes nervous while at other times graceful, is in perfect accord with her chosen themes.

Her work is testament to the fact that she managed to create a unique artistic vision, a vision that is entirely her own and which sets her apart from all other artists.
"Creating art is, for me, a way of embracing the world, of creating new ties with it. In my paintings, I try to bring to life these connections, to give shape to these invisible forces".



Visual Arts 

  • Painting Techniques : oil, acrylic, water colors
  • Drawing Techniques  : crayon, ink, charcoal, pastel
  • Engraving Techniques : drypoint, eau-forte, aquatinte
  • Icon on glass


  • Vast experience in teaching visual arts to students aged 5 to 18
  • Thorough knowledge of child psychology


1994   Certification in the Teaching of Visual Arts Romanian Ministry of Education

1989   Bachelors in Visual and Decorative Arts National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania

1983   High School Diploma in Visual and Decorative Arts National Art College “Nicolae Tonitza”, Bucharest, Romania



2011 - present    Member of  RAAV- Montreal
2010 - present    Member of Circle of Quebec Artists and Sculptors
2009 - present    Member of D.A.M  Montréal
1996 - present   Union of Visual Arts Artists of Romania

2011 – first Grand Prize in « figurative  frontier » painting at the 28th annual contest Gala International en Arts Visuels

In Québec, her works are exhibited at L’Harmattan Gallery (Baie-Saint-Paul), at the Perrault Gallery (Québec City), at the L’Espace Contemporain Gallery (Montréal) and at the Trafalg’Art Gallery (Bromont).

P E R S O N A L   E X H I B I TI O N S

2012     Imaginarium 2, Chez Le Portugais / Musical Exhibition Molinari Quartet,
2012     Imaginarium, Hotel Delta, Montreal
2011     Lignes de Vies, Monument National, Montreal
2010     Quantica, Hotel Delta, Montreal
2009     Mundus Mirabilis, Hotel Delta, Montreal
2007     Memories, Inter-Pallas Gallery, Montreal
2004     Double Alchemy, Inter-Pallas Gallery, Montreal
2003-2004     Periodic collaboration with Gora Gallery, Montreal
1992-1995     Permanent collaboration with Dominus Gallery, Bucharest

C O L L E C T I V E   E X H I B I T I O N S
2013  « L’art d’été 2013 » Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Montreal
2013   Expo VIP et printaniere de Montreal Galerie l’Harmattan, Montreal
2012   36th  International Exhibition – Constanta – Roumanie
2012   « L’art d’été 2012 » Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Montreal
2012   « L’instant ou l’instinct » Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Montreal
2012   « Voir Bleu » Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Montreal
2012    Twice yearly exhibition, Galerie l’Harmattan et la Galerie Art & Style, Montreal
2011   « Tableaux Petits Formats » Galerie l’Harmattan, Baie-Saint-Paul
2011    Exhibition Women from here, women from abroad, Bressan Art Gallery, 
2008    Exhibition Évasion with the Versus Group, Inter-Pallas Gallery, Montreal
2007    Exhibition with children’s works, 1 June, Gallery Inter-Pallas, Montreal

  •     International Festival EXPOART, Montreal

 2005    Exhibition, Nevermind Boutique, Montreal

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS containing some of artist’s works in:
- Italy, Austria, France, Canada, United-States, Romania

MENTIONS: she was featured as one of the two hundred most prominent Romanian artists in the Encyclopedia of Romanian Artists, Edition ARC-2000, Bucharest, 2003.

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