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Katia Poulin was born in Quebec city in 1971. The beginning of her career started as a self-taught artist, but later on in life, Katia studied Visual Arts at the Rivière-du-Loup and Sainte-Foy colleges in Quebec.



Artists Statement:

When I paint, I invent stories, I go into my own bubble and everything else ceases to exist. I have an incredible ability to concentrate when I paint, which is quite frustrating to those close to me. I often use my dreams as a source of inspiration. When I get up in the morning, I go straight to my studio to paint. My inner life is quite inhabited and emotionally rich, so it is quite natural that my painting expresses a certain type of sensitivity. However, I have to be in a positive mood when I paint. I have to be able to listen to my inner voice and follow my inner inspirations. This is how I succeed in painting the pieces that most move me. I personally prefer a diversified approach, at least in terms of the themes and subjects I treat. I am quite open to change: the new and the unforeseen do not daunt me.

Exhibitions :

The Faubourg Saint -Jean Baptiste Art Gallery
Symposium at the Sainte-Foy Artistic Society
Solo exposition at the Café du Temps Perdu

"With her sweet and playful voice on the other end of the line, she shares all, unfiltered, with passion and honesty.  She is sensitive, spiritual, concerned for others, respectful of the imaginary viewer who sets eyes on her canvas."
By Jasmine Nadeau

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