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Paul-André Larocque


Photographer of many talents, nomadic photographer, modern explorer. Taking a documentary approach, he travels the world trying to capture the essence of the human being in all his glory and his many manifestations of creativity. 

Born in the small but charming town of Newport, Gaspésie, Canada, he enjoyed his childhood in the great outdoors, surrounded by the forest and the sea. His father, first a fisherman then a lumberjack, taught him wisdom and liberty of expression and from a very young age, started to express himself through photography. Only then was he certain his love for photography, art and exploration would bring him to travel beyond the Canadian borders. He is also a travel reporter with articles published on cities like Copenhagen, Tel-Aviv, Praha, Vienna, Istanbul, San Francisco and Dubrovnik.

Paul-Andre Larocque is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC), which includes only the best photographers and illustrators in Canada. Paul-Andre Larcoque is a recipient of the Grand Prize of Photography 2012 (ex aequo) and of the Grand Prize 2012 in the category Reporter-News at the prestigious competition Lux in Canada.

Now, he wants to bring the image production to another level. Thus he founded his own production company, PUNK, based in Montreal and with his two associates, he wants to take a step further in the process of creation with multimedia projects and video.

Paul-Andre Larocque is also a visual artist with only a few but great expositions as a solo artist. He mingles different types of art such as painting, graphic work and neons with his field of expertise, photography.

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