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Pascale Pratte


Since the beginning of Ancient civilization, the figure of women has personified mythical creatures endowed with divine powers. Mythology is thus an arena for powerful and often feared goddesses. The great book of History is filled with names of exceptional females, women who in no way resemble the emaciated heroines of our modern era. Numerous painters and sculptors have used the awesome figure of woman as their muse. In the image of the potent Greek goddesses as well as the fascinating flowery women created by Mucha, painter Pascale Pratte glorifies woman in all her feminine might, with a decisively modern approach...

With their blase attitudes and their languid gazes, the women created by Pascale Pratte all have one thing in common : a boundless power of seduction. This power is not due to their flawless beauty, but rather to the magnetism that emanates from these subjects. Pascale Pratte manipulates shapes and colors with the agility and the assurance that her training in drawing, sculpting, painting, 3D computer graphics and graphic design have imparted upon her. The physical traits of her subjects are strong, determinant, and proud, not unlike the beautiful heroines of her canvases. Although earth tones dominate most of her paintings, this artist is not afraid to tint her work in shades of blue or red, emphasizing the dramatic, mysterious, and mystic fell of her art. The artist states that she prefers painting which is more textured, more tactile, as she launches herself down a path where realism has the upper hand over graphic interpretation. Obviously, each painting title is a womans name. These names suit these painted females so perfectly that, once they have been baptized by the artist, it is impossible for them to be known as anything different. But this tour de force that Pascale Pratte has so brilliantly accomplished : she as given a unique personality and spirit to each of her subjects. This young painters journey was an undoubtedly swift one.

At the age of 10, she was already profiting from the sale of greeting cards that she had drawn. This first graphic experience was one that she pursued for five years, and it landed her contracts in France and Belgium. After studies and jobs in the world of illustration, painting became a priority. This was an impulse that she knew she could no longer restrain. The response from the public was unanimous : they loved it! Each and every viewer finds themselves or else recognizes someone they know and love in the attitudes and traits of these beautiful and stoic protagonists. * Nathalie Paquin

Formation / Education
1996 Centre National d'Animation et de Design
1992 Graphisme, CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal (Canada)
Expositions / exhibitions
2012 ''enVisager'', Nuit Blanche, Galerie MX, Montréal (Canada)
2011 Affordable Art Fair, New York (USA)
2011 ''Expression Libre'', Galerie MX, Montréal (Canada)
2010 Exposition permanente, Galerie MX, Montréal (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, MX Gallery, Montreal (Canada)
2010 Exposition permanente, Galerie Anthracite, St-Adèle (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, Anthracite Gallery, St-Adèle (Canada)
2010 ''FEMMA'', Galerie Blanche, Montréal (Canada)
2009 Exposition permanente, Galerie Illico, Trois-Rivières (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, Illico Gallery, Trois-Rivères (Canada)
2008 Exposition permanente, Galerie Saint-Vincent de Paul, Laval (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, Saint-Vincent de Paul Gallery, Laval (Canada)
2008 Exposition permanente, Galerie Blanche, Montréal (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, Galerie Blanche, Montreal (Canada)
2007 ''Elles'', Fondation contre le Cancer du Sein, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montréal (Canada) / ''Elles'', Breast Cancer Foundation, Saint-
Dizier Gallery, Montreal (Canada)
2006 Exposition permanente, Galerie Beauchamp, Québec (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, Beauchamp Gallery, Quebec (Canada)
2006 Exposition permanente, Art Club Galerie, Parie (France)
2005 Exposition permanente, Sussex Studio, Ottawa (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, Sussex Studio, Ottawa (Canada)
2004 ''Force et féminitée'', GL Opticien, Montréal (Canada)
2001 Exposition permanente, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montréal (Canada) / Permanent Exhibition, Saint-Dizier Gallery, Montreal (Canada)
2001 ''Les filles'', GL Opticien, Montréal (Canada)

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