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Colombian born Artist Gus Ocamposilva has made a formidable impression on art enthusiasts around the world. Ocamposilva received most of his formal art training in Spain, where he studied murals at the Massana School of Barcelona and painting procedures at Barcelona University. He works as a team with his wife Lina, together they make and install colorful sculptures around the world and share the same passion for art. Since 2006 they have installed 23 juried public art projects in U.S and have become one of the Latin American Sculptors with more jut in the North America Outdoor Public Art Market, thanks to their dedication and quality of their work. Their most recent project commissioned by the City of Dunedin called “Blue Gold” was installed in the Wastewater Treatment plant; one of the longest wall sculptures in U.S.A.

Ocamposilva’s art works are an interpretation of the world where they were raised; the Andes and the Tropic, a world filled with a great diversity of colors. Ocamposilva sees the world in countless colors, diverse and vibrant, and this is apparent in their creations. Dynamic and exciting, their artwork speaks of colors, magic, poetry.

Gus and Lina are versatile visual artists and their talents have been recognized internationally He has earned numerous honors awards both in the U. S. and abroad and his commissioned work can be found in public and private collections around the world, including public parks, hospitals, public libraries, cultural councils, etc.

His bibliography includes articles in different national and international publications.

Public Art:

*2010: “Saturn“ 80“ x 56“ x27“ Columbus, GA
*2010: “Hummingbird” w:70"x h:91"x d:61" Harbor Marina Boynton Beach, FL.
*2010: “Blue Gold”110ftx5.5ft Wastewater Treatment Facility Wall sculpture. Dunedin, FL
*2010: “Magic Rain” 34"x 134' x 18" Downtown Tampa. FL.
*2010: “Sunrise” Banner: 19” x 48”;Clearwater celebrates America.
*2010: "Dance of the wind" Sculpture 112 x 65 x 28 . Downtown Tampa FL
*2010: “Nest”-Sculpture: 28 x17' x 17 -Avera Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD
*2010”Dolphins Game”-Sculpture: -Lakewood Park Public Library, Fort Pierce, FL
*2009: “Sunset”-Sculpture: 120' x80" x20" -Ferran Park, Eustis, FL
*2009: “Panels Deltona Public Library” Volusia County. FL.
*2009: “Gods of the Rain”Sculpture 39 x69 x39 Boynton Beach,FL
*2009: Without Limits Sculpture 23 x 23 x 4 Sioux Falls Cancer Center. SD.
*2009: Reaching El Dorado Sculpture 30 x 80 x 20 Kissimmee, FL
*2008: Mr. Blues - I got rhythm Banners 19 x 48 Clearwater Jazz Festival
*2008: Dreamers Mural 25'x 18' Gardenville Community Center Tampa, FL
* 2008: Anti Gang Mural 30'x 12' Town and County Recreation Center Tampa, FL
* 2008: Without Limits Sculpture 23 x 23 x 4 Sioux Falls , South Dakota.
* 2008: Last chance Sculpture 30 x 78 x 18 Downtown Cedar Rapids,Iowa.
* 2008: Flight of the Butterflies Sculpture 46 x 41 x 6 Sioux Falls,SD
* 2008: Latin Romance Banner 30 x 100 Westshore Expose Banner Program.Tampa,
* 2007: Spirits of the Chicamocha Sculpture 46 x 41 x 6 Tampa,FL
* 2007: Reaching El Dorado Sculpture 30 x 80 x 20 Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
* 2006: Deep Roots Mural (40 x 8ft). Atlanta, GA.
* 1998: Honor to Pablo Neruda Mural, 26 x 10ft. Colombia.

2008: Professional Development Recognition Grant. Pinellas County, FL
2008: Clearwater Cultural Affairs Artist Recognition Award of the Quarter,FL.
2006: Hispanic Alliance of Tampa Bay Calendar 2006-2007
2006: City Hall and Bureau of Cultural Affairs Grant. Atlanta, GA.
2005: Merit Award in Sculpture, Washington Arts and Craft Show, D.C
2004: Honorable Mention, Art on the Bluff, MI
2003: First Place Overall, Bartow Blooming Art Festival, FL
2002: Purchase Award, Columbus Art Festival, OH
2002: Merit Award, Marion County Art Festival,FL
1998: Miami Key Award, Art Miami Iberoamerican International Magazine. Miami, FL
1994: Brumas del Rocio Medal , Andaluz Cultural Center, Barcelona Spain.

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