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Mylene Gauthier


“We invented rockets that can reach the moon, but nothing that can help us communicate more efficiently. There is something impossible in human language; it doesn’t work. Art is, to me, as good as it gets. Still, the link between the creator and the beholder remains broken; between these two spaces, the gap is never bridged.”

Born in Québec city, in 1971, the only child of a deaf couple, Mylène Gauthier was marked, from her very first moments, by the inadequacy of words, by the distances created by language and the allegories of silence. A surreal childhood where drawings were the only valid communicative channel.

Thus, she followed the path of visual arts with absolute certainty. Coming into a deaf world, the first role of a hearing child will be to act as a bridge between two solitudes, each afraid of the other, without ever compromising the messages that need to be carried. This absolute form form of invisibility will lead the child down a path that expresses how they can only truly exist through images. Much later, as a woman, Mylène will learn to love the kind of abstraction that invokes gestural languages, sign languages that are, according to her, an ode to expression, a marathon of extreme observation.

After studying graphic design at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy, Mylène Gauthier’s started out as a designer in a design firm, and eventually took off as an illustrator. Driven by the purification of images, she advocates that the superfluous must be discarded, that we must avoid excess to preserve what is essential and allow the purest emotions to shine. Enriched by a brief incursion into stage design at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec, she is constantly using ambiance, color and silence in her quest for the tracks of experience, where comprehension begins, where emotion appears. Theatre is a closed environment conductive to this research. Working with stage lighting techniques, she transforms her pieces with mastery over the intricacies of light. Abstract painting is just the latest of her many creative endeavors, which include writing, photography, illustration, and graphic design.

In her painting : trowel strikes, scratches, tears, dialog between colors and observation of the space between them all. The movement of lines, this split that vibrates and initiates the beginning of a language. The abstract is a mathematical intuition that sings.


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