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Frank Milo


Frank Milo was born in Montreal, October 1971
Medium; Mixed media

Milo studied interior design, landscape architect, and web design; his mixed media paintings combine vibrant, dynamic colours that generate excitement and emotion with minimal Zen – like imagery.  Up to 50 coats of clear varnish are applied to each piece he also applies layers and layers of acrylic and oil paints combined with a variety of other materials . Frank Milo wants people to see his work that transmit the emotion that he feels and plays with them .    

In depth. that is how I wanted people to see my work.  Layers after layers, my painting comes to life. Nothing ever goes; all is sealed, to transmit the emotions that I felt when I was at play with them.  The thick varnish works to bring you an unequal transparency that will bring you back from the very first layer to the very last layer of my feelings.  It’s a reflection of--and onto-- yourself. 
Once upon a time there was a man called Narcisse. Maybe he wasn’t looking at himself.  Maybe--like you-- he fell in love with something past his reflection.  This is a different version of reflection; mine for them, yours from now on.

Toronto Ryerson   Polytechnic University, Web Design
University Laval, Quebec, History of Architecture
College Inter-Dec, Space concepts and furniture design

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