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The compositional tool, called the “Golden Mean” or the Fibonacci Theory, is the foundation of every Mark Merrill painting, meticulously drawn out with graphite before paint is applied.  Sometimes left exposed, the composition is lent a very architectural feel.  Delicate yet powerful, majestic and graceful, his paintings also show a pattern used for centuries called the “Divine Order,” which are also evident in his paintings, and from which the exhibition derives its name. 

Since graduating from high school in 1976, Mark Merrill has been a professional artist, apprenticing with the artist John Q. Archer, which involved him in projects designing and fabricating large paintings for clients such as United Airlines, the American Medical Association, and Leo Burnett Advertising.  He received honors in painting and holography (BFA) at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, considered one of the top art schools in the world

Currently based in the US Merrill exhibits exclusively with Onessimo Fine Art. His shows in the Philippines include the U.S. Embassy’s Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center and various solo exhibitions in Metro Manila.

Mark Merrill is a non profit artist .  His non-profit foundation is incorporated in the Philippines and in the United States, and provides creative alternatives to street children and prostitutes who want to change their lifestyles.  One of the life-changing programs initiated by the foundation is “Mission Gifts,” a business of creative, world-class products, such as lamps, greeting cards, and many more, which are created by the less fortunate in the program.

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