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Maya Eventov


"Maya Eventov grew up in Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. St.
Petersburg, as it is now known, is a city fabled  for its beauty and culture.
At a young age Eventov was exposed to some of the finest art in St. Petersburg.  " I lived
behind the iron curtain, but we had rich collections of works available for
viewing at the Hermitage and Russian Museum as well as many other Leningrad
museums." It was here where Maya began to develop an understanding for the
technical aspect of artwork as well as a growing appreciation for the works
of some of Europe's finest master artists.

From the age of six onwards, Eventov studied art in one form or another.
She was accepted into the prestigious High School #109, which is affiliated with
the St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial and Applied Art.

As a student, she participated in the various student exhibitions
and at the age of 18 her abstract composition was accepted to the Academy's
After graduating in 1987 with a Masters degree in graphic design, she began
working as an illustrator for children's books. In the early 1990's Maya
immigrated to Canada. This change in scenery gave her freedom to explore,
to create and to break away from the classical way of painting she studied in
Russia. "I'm a happy person; I enjoy beautiful flowers and landscapes. I
am captivated by smells and colors that convey strength of emotion in a happy
Today, Eventov and her family reside outside of Toronto, Ontario. She
continues to travel, finding inspiration for her works in the varied landscapes around
 the world. Eventov's work is represented in galleries and private collections
in Canada, Great Britain and the USA.

Eventov's paintings are characterized by thick application of acrylic paint
using a selection of different sized palette knives. The paint is applied
as both blended and pure colors. Smaller knives are used to create depth and
detail in her paintings. She then uses a series of varnishes designed to
create a "wet paint effect". Eventov creates abstract landscapes and floral pieces; her
scenes are imaginary and idealized, striving to capture the joyous freedom of a bright
sky, never ending fields, lakes and meadows. These paintings are executed
using special palette knife and imitate a mosaic technique. The smaller, mostly
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