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Teresa Magel


Teresa  Magel was born in 1974 in Alexandria, Louisiana.  She had no formal training as an artist and considers herself self taught. Her paintings have been displayed in private collections throughout the United States and internationally.  She utilizes a process of beginning a painting with acrylic paints and glaze mediums, often painting in the flowers first and shaping the figure within.  Her next process is to lightly color over the image in oil paints to draw an even richer hue.  With the intent of creating one of a kind pieces that embody her ideal of femininity.

A creature borne of pure emotion she started to paint as a means of cathartic healing. “My paintings remain a direct extension of my present emotions, which is why you will often find writing within and in addition to the paint and titles that express that sentiment. My current work includes multiple elements which I use to create paintings that represent a quiet calm of femininity. My female figures are often identifiable by their large coiffures of hair and by their dreamlike closed eyes, factors which lend them a sense of serenity.  The elements of nature that I often include in my work are flowers, butterflies, bees, dragonflies and especially hummingbirds.  They are all so fragile and delicate, like the ultra effeminate essence of a woman.” 

Teresa currently lives in the Kansas City, MO area with her husband and three sons.

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