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Schiavon was born in Murano, Italy in 1971 into a generational glassmaking family. His paternal grandfather, Alfio Schiavon, began his own furnace in 1945. This would later serve as a platform for inspiration, instilling in Massimo the passion for art pieces of quality and refinement. The Schiavon family can be considered among a restricted circle in Murano who commit themselves to constant research and development of new glass techniques.

In Murano, the true site of the Venetian glass world, Massimiliano surrounded himself with masters who have acquired considerable reputations with incredible pieces of art to support them.  Learning the ancient secrets and techniques of the Murano glassmaking tradition, Massimiliano started his work with glass as a young man in some of the smaller "furnaces" in the early 1980s. During these years he worked with a series of prominent glass blowers on the island, learning to create pieces of quality and elegance.  In 1998, Schiavon began working in his father's factory, where, with the collaboration of the glass master Claudio Zama, he began to combine different techniques that he had learned in the years past. The result was a new line of high-quality sculptural glass characterized by his unique style. As in all furnaces, creation is the result of team effort. Lino Taglliapietra and Seguso Viro had collaborated with Claudio Zama and Loris Vio before joining with Massimiliano in 2003 to interpret his ideas. Completing this team is the grinding master Armando D’Este, who is internationally respected for his work with the talented Toni Zuccheri in the 1970s and 1980s.

Each one-of-a-kind vessel expresses harmony and balance and is completely handmade according to the ancient Murano traditions. His creations are the result of vast experience, tradition and creativity which he continuously strives to develop. His technique is distinguished primarily by the composition of the colors, achieved by heating together multicolor glass canes at 750°C which are then fused and blown with clear crystal. The majority of these art pieces are then cold-worked and hand-ground by a diamond wheel. The precise patterns and shapes of the works are the outcome of long experience, immersion in a deep and complex tradition, and the artist's unceasing creativity. After cooling, the glass is enriched by difficult and delicate cold working details that characterize Schiavon as a leader in the art of glass blowing. Cutting the glass surface creates facets and texture, giving extraordinary contrasts and interesting optical effects.

Massimiliano has masterfully merged sleek graceful lines with distinctive, timeless design. His compositions of form, pattern and color are always different in each vessel, creating an art piece that can be considered absolutely unique in design. Schiavon’s works have now become priceless heirlooms to be passed on through generations. In order to stress the one of a kind nature and distinction of this work, every piece is directly signed by the glass masters working in Massimiliano’s team and catalogued as a unique piece.

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