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Customized & Personlized Art Work
Kfir Moyal is a native of Tel Aviv, Israel. After serving in the Israeli Army, he moved to the U.S. and lived in Atlanta for two years but has made Miami home since 2010.

His style of work is Pop Art, specifically using materials such as Swarovski Crystals, diamond dust and other precious stones. He also incorporates acrylics, oils and traditional methods of photography in his art. His artwork portfolio has recently expanded to creating a series of waterproof artworks for showers, bathrooms, pool areas, and outdoor displays. He has created his own branding of artwork for furniture pieces, transforming a common piece of furniture into a unique piece, creating personal style to any room.

Kfir's artwork has gained recognition from celebrity socialite Paris Hilton, Playboy Magazine, and Miami's own Gloria Estefan who have all worked with Kfir to create self portraits. In his free time, he seeks innovative ways to create and expand his artwork concepts.  He enjoys working in his yard, home projects and working in his studio. Kfir travels frequetly to Israel to see his family.

Artist Kfir Moyal and Paris HiltonArtist Kfir Moyal and Gloria-Estefan

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