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Henri Matisse


Henri Matisse was born on December 31, 1869 at Le Cateau-Cambresis in France. His father was a prosperous grain merchant and his mother was an artistic woman who made hats and paints of China. He married Amelie Parayre from Toulouse, France in 1898. They had two sons.

Henri was never interested in art while he was growing up. His father expected him to either work at their store or become a lawyer. So Henri chose to go to Law school but found it really boring. One day his mother gave him a box of paints so he would have something to do. Suddenly he was no longer bored. Henri found out he loved to paint. He got a job as an assistant lawyer. He took some art courses before going to work and was spending more and more time drawing and painting. He decided to become a full time artist.

Henri went to study art at a famous art school in Paris, France. He worked very hard studying all the things needed to become a good artist. He also took up a municipal evening course in sculpture. He was not a popular student and many didn't like him. Henri did not like the way they taught art in the school. He had a style of his own. One of his teachers took special interest in him. His name was Gustave Moreau. He felt that Henri had great talent and that he would become a great artist someday.

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