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Fredy Villamil


Born in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba,1980. Fredy Villamil has become one of the most important representatives of the Cuban plastic arts today.

Painter and cartoonist, self-taught, his art takes us to a unique world of emotions and memories. His work leads to the robustness of the design, ease of expression and diversity of colors. At his young age has made 22 solo exhibitions and 61 collective in Cuba and abroad. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, USA, Turkey, Costa Rica, Iran, China, Japan, Azerbaijan, gaining 24 international awards and 23 national awards, including the Special Prize awarded by the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba by all of his work. Emigrated to America in 2010, and motivated by the experience of living abroad, his art takes on another dimension, inspiring a combination of nostalgia and reflection that immerses us in allegorical metaphors of time and the human condition. His work has not been a day efforts, it has formed a generation and synthesizes a broad process of learning and creating a perpetual mobile, is therefore a statement of principles: sharing wisdom deserves and multiply devotion and gratitude, especially if our works survive the time, death and pain, and fill us with the substance of light that radiates life.

"Fredy Villamil transports composes atmospheres extracted from anxiety or despair turbulent drama. His work leads to the robustness of the design, ease of expression and the sobriety of colors. Just this is enough to express the most varied human feelings. In their forms they sense the cries and tears of Munch, Paul Klee and Ernest Barlach, pioneers of expressionism, but with a real personal touch that only takes the outward appearance of things to distort or intensify and show spirituality and emotional experiences that bring us".

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