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Eric Villeneuve


Éric Villeneuve’s work focuses on the representation of a memory. How memory records the feeling, the physical distorted but recognizable, blurred and rarely in the same proportions as in real life.
He superimposes multiple images, striving to keep the mood, the feeling and the impression felt at the time of shooting.

After completing a Bachelor degree in graphic communications at the Université Laval à Québec, Éric Villeneuve worked as a graphic designer both in ad agencies and freelance. Photography, his preferred media, has always been part of his world.

A personal project centering on the City of Montreal’s Metro stations was a pretext to create a world of memories. The amalgam of several photos creates a blurred feeling of uncertainty — we recognize images but not accurately. To create a flash back effect, the final composition is printed on aluminium and it is this effect of light that illuminates or extinguishes the memory…

Since 2008 he has participated in several exhibitions and is the recipient of the FIMA (Festival International Montréal en Art) award for 2009 in the photography category.


avril : Galerie D, Montréal

avril : La Foire d’art Contemporain de St-Lambert (FAC), St-Lambert

avril : La Foire d’art Contemporain de St-Lambert (FAC), St-Lambert
mai : Participation à l’évenement «MASSIV’ART» à la Société d’Art Technologique (SAT)
juin : Participation à l’événement «Montréal Champêtre» au cimetière Mont-Royal

avril : La Foire d’art Contemporain de St-Lambert (FAC), St-Lambert
juillet : Festival International Montréal en Arts (FIMA)
Récipiendaire du prix FIMA, catégorie photographie

mars : Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay, Montréal
août : George Laoun opticien, Montréal

Galerie l’Harmattan, Baie-St-Paul
Maison Dupont, St-Hilaire
Galerie MX Montréal
Galerie Las Olas Fine Art, FloridA

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