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Patricia Boyd


A former student of ballet, Mrs. Boyd continues  her association with the world of dance through  her sensitive, gestured compositions of dancers and the performance settings of the theater.  Noted for her fine, luminous brushwork and delicate palette, Mrs. Boyd frequently depicts ballet and family as a metaphor for civility and refinement of a certain lifestyle.  Born in Argentina, Mrs. Boyd has resided in the U.S for the last three years.  Highlights of her career include:  Parkwest Galleries Annual Review;  Commission from the Del Lago Theater in honor of the 2000 Inter-American Dance Confederation Competition,  Cordoba, Argentina;  Commission from the San Martin Opera Theater commemorating its 100th anniversary, Cordoba, Argentina;  Solo Exhibition at the Colon Opera Theater in Buenos Aires to coincide with the Theater’s 80th anniversary;  Critical Review in Correo de Arte Magazine;  Exhibition at the 2002 VII International Ballet Festival of Miami;  a continuing association with the Boca Ballet Theater.  Locally, Boca Raton City Mayor, Steven Abrams, presented one of Boyd’s paintings to the New York City Ballet principal dancer, Wendy Whelan; and Boyd was also a featured artist at an exhibition at Wally Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach, Florida.
     Working in oils and watercolors, Mrs. Boyd’s impressionist style and short broken brushwork brings the world of story-book ballets and Argentine opera houses to the fore.  An array of warm color reflects the elegant gentility and aesthetic harmonies of those performance venues.  Her compositions intimate the delicacy and softness inherent in her unique female perception for which she has been publicly noted.  Her work reflects the values of artistic virtuosity and patronage appealing to many art lovers and buyers worldwide.


Highlights of an eventful life in art and teaching:


Education: Degrees:

  1. 1960 Belgrano Day School, Bilingual High School ( Spanish and English ); Advanced Studies in French, English Language, Literature and History.
  2. 1961-1966 Attended master Jean Josse’s Art Studio.
  3. 1970 Attended Lagarrigue’s Studio for drawing in fashion design.


  1. 1963-1981 With the Society of British Artists  as exhibiting member.
  2. 1964, Buenos Aires, Opera Theater.
  3. 1976, Buenos Aires, Peters Gallery.
  4. 1977, Buenos Aires, Witcomb Gallery.
  5. 1977, Buenos Aires, Lawn Tennis.
  6. 1978, Argentine Artists Exhibition.
  7. 1978, Mar del Plata Golf Club.
  8. 1978, Tucuman, Arcos Gallery.
  9. 1978, Witcomb Gallery.
  10. 1979, Buenos Aires, Casa de la Cultura de San Isidro.
  11. 1980, Buenos Aires Day School.
  12. 1980-81, Buenos Aires, Galeria del Buen Ayre.
  13. 1984, Cordoba, Banco Provincia.
  14. 1987, Cordoba, XI Exhibition for the City of Cordoba Award.
  15. 1988, Cordoba, at the Argentine Artists Museum.
  16. 1989-98, Cordoba Rizzuto Gallery.
  17. 1992, Cordoba, Police Headquarters.
  18. 1992, Cordoba, City Hall.
  19. 1992, Cordoba, with A.D.A.D Association.
  20. 1992-93, Cordoba, A.P.A.C. Association.
  21. 1992-93, Cordoba, Portal del Lago Hotel.
  22. 1992, Cordoba, Nogaro Hotel.
  23. 1993, Cordoba, La Quebrada Gallery.
  24. 1994, Cordoba, Serrano Greenhouse.

Exhibitions on Ballet and Musicians:

  1. 1988, Buenos Aires at the Colon Opera Theater.  Commissioned Solo Exhibition commemorating its 80th Anniversary, Golden Lounge.
  2. 1991, Cordoba, Libertador General San Martin Opera Theater.  Commissioned Solo Exhibition commemorating its 100th Anniversary.
  3. 1987, Cordoba, Del Lago Theater for Julio Bocca’s Performance.
  4. 2000, Cordoba, Del Lago Theater, 300 original paintings commissioned as awards for the Inter American Dance Confederation dance competition.


  1. 1964-78, Buenos Aires, Art Teacher at Belgrano Day School.
  2. 1964-78, Buenos Aires, created Belgrano’s Day Schools’ Art Atelier attended by students and parents.
  3. 1972, London, England, Free Lance Illustrator.
  4. 2000, Cordoba, Art Teacher at Amuchastegui Foundation.


  1. 1982, Buenos Aires, work admitted at San Isidro Law School Art Exhibition.
  2. 1987, Cordoba, Ninth Juried Provincial Exhibition.  First Prize.
  3. 1987, Cordoba, Flash Magazine’s First Prize for the Arts.
  4. 1987, Cordoba, admitted for the 40th City of Cordoba Annual Award.
  5. 1989, Cordoba, Local Artist First Prize.

As Juror:

  1. 1993, Cordoba, Art Competition at Saint Mary’s of the Hills School.
  2. 1995, Cordoba, Third National Art Competition held by the Rotary Club.
  3. 1996, Cordoba, for the Third A.D.A.P Provincial Art Competition.
  4. 1999, Cordoba, for the Annual  Amuchastegui Foundation Art Competition.
  5. 1999, Cordoba, for the Amuchhastegui Foundation Religious Art Competition.
  6. 2000, Cordoba, for the Eighth Annual Municipal Art Competition.


Critiqued and Published Work:
Newspapers: Buenos Aires Herlad, La Prensa, La Nacion, Todo Norte, La Gazeta de Tucuman, Diario Bamba, Diario La Voz del Interior, British Artists Siciety Bulletin.
Radio Station Interviews: Radio Universidad de Cordoba and Radio Belgrano in Buenos Aires.
T.V Interviews: Tucuman, Channel 9; Cordoba, Channels 2, 10 and 12.  1999, Cordoba, Isidro Paz Producciones, Channel 12.
Books: 1980, ‘ Correo de Arte ‘ Magazine.
               1980-81, ‘ Anuario Latino Americano de Artes Plasticas’.

United States

  1. Art work auctioned at the Boca Raton Museum Annual Auction, 2001
  2. VII International Ballet Festival, Solo Exhibition in the Main Hall at the Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami, 2002
  3. Boca Resort and  Club exhibition for Boca Ballet Theater, October 2004
  4. Solo Exhibition- Miami 8th Street’s Cultural Friday’s, Inc. October 2004
  5. Private Exhibition and Auction organized by M. Olsher, October 2004
  6. Commissioned portrait of American Ballet Theater Principal Dancer, Jose Manuel Carreno, for Boca Ballet Theater’s performance of “ La Bayadere”, April 2004
  7. Exhibition- Boca Ballet Theater at Boca West Country Club, Boca Raton, March 2005
  8. Two major art galleries featuring Boyd’s artwork in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC, July 2005
  9. October 2005, exhibition for the Boca Ballet Theater “ Princely Affair” at Boca raton Resort and Club
  10. March 2006, Contract for Exclusive Representation with Onessimo Fine Art Gallery, Palm Beach Gardens.
  11. June, Group Exhibition for the Italian National Fest sponsored by the Miami Italian Consulate.
  12. September, to be announced, Solo Exhibition at the Jackie Gleason Theater inMaimi with the International Ballet Festival.

Her work can be found in private collections in Spain, England, Australia, Brazil, and the United States

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