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Gary Borse


Gary Borse has exhibited his award-winning work in public art, solo, invitational, and juried group shows, since 1968. A voracious use of color and uncontrollable palette, his work is focused on the energy and spiritual essence of the Florida landscape. His award-winning work has appeared in museums, on the covers of magazines, postcards and posters throughout the southeast. His work is included in the permanent art collection of The State of Florida, The University of Florida, and in many prestigious private and corporate art collections nationwide. He has an Associates Degree in Commercial Art and Design from The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

His stunning images depict the color and vibrancy of the Florida landscape in a different dimension that takes you into your own feelings while you are drawn into the work. The series of glazes reveal other colors that have come before, to create movement and vitality at the surface of the piece. The work comes alive with passages that take you on a color journey into space and light.

As a conservationist, and steward of the land, his farm is an inspiration as well as the surrounding area, where he participates in events that support the protection of our environment. Most of his paintings represent actual places he has ridden his horses or seen in his travels throughout the state.

Artists Statement
Capturing the soul, or spiritual essence and energy of the landscape is a challenge. Painting what you see and what you feel at the same time is like walking the fence. If you fall one way you will have what everyone sees, if you fall the other, you will have what everyone feels. Therefore, you must stay on the edge of the fence.
I am fascinated by the Florida landscape and strive to paint it in a different way than any other artist. While I stay on the edge of the fence I can still create images that are representational, but have the essence of mystery and excitement that reality does not permit some imaginations to perceive.”

“It’s important for me to represent the love for my environment in one way or another through my work. When I work on a piece I actually feel like I am conveying that love to my viewer through the positive energy my work radiates. Sunrise and sunset are spiritual activities that occur daily, and combining that with the bright colors that are available to me, as well as the courage to explore the unknown in the act of creation, I can share my feelings and metaphysical experiences with others...out loud.”

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