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Alex Bernstein


I feel as if I am a explorer. With each piece I make I prepare for a journey,
I have a general idea where I want to go, but I never know where the path will lead me.
Each piece I work on I set out in the hopes of discovering something new and exciting.
As any explorer my journeys are filed with ups and downs, disappointments and breakthroughs,
however with each piece I am sure to gain knowledge and insight which is the excitement that
brings me to my studio every day.

Alex Bernstein literaly grew up in a family of glass artists so it is no surprise that he decided to pursue the art of glass as his career.
Alex is a recent graduate of RIT where he earned his MFA. Prior to that time he studied glassblowing with David Levi
and Dimitri Mechealidis in 1998 - 99 at the Penland School of Crafts, after having earned a BA from University of North Carolina.

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