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Scott Beavin


Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in Orlando, Florida, fine art photographer Scott Beavin has been making images for more than twenty years. After earning degrees from the University of Florida and the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, Scott embarked on a personal journey of self-expression. Drawing inspiration from daily life, Scott’s photographs focus on what others may miss. His eclectic vision has led to the creation of an introspective body of work that observes the randomness as well as the order of the world around him. Scott’s photographs, although varied in subject matter, all share similar qualities. They exude quiet elegance. They are sensuous and peaceful. They are deeply considered observations emphasizing the omnipresent beauty of daily existence.

In order to maintain the consistency of his vision, Scott prints all photographs himself. By printing his own work, Scott is able to ensure his observations are accurately translated from his mind’s eye into the surface of the photographic paper.

The photographs of Scott Beavin are included in collections, both private and public, throughout the United States as well as in Europe.


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