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About Autumn de Forest:

Barely eleven young years of age, but one conversation with Autumn de Forest convinces one they are in the presence of an incredible talent and an old soul. "We had heard about Autumn and seen several online videos featuring her, but we were still amazed the first time we had the opportunity to speak and see her artwork," says one gallerist, “She is so poised, incredibly smart, and genuinely obsessed with painting. Yet, she recognizes that there is so much more to her art – it is a way to communicate and connect to people. And most importantly, she realizes that she has a gift and was meant to share her art and her message with the world."

Autumn eloquently tells the story of how she began painting when she was five years old. "I had been through my toddler phase, so I wanted to do something to help the world – to change the world; so I thought, how about painting? My parents put a blank canvas in front of me and I began creating." Five years later and Autumn compares painting to breathing - she has an inherent passion to paint.

The young artist's pieces grace collections worldwide and Autumn had the honor of being the youngest artist ever featured at the National Art Education Association's annual convention, where she appeared along with art world legends such as Peter Max and Chuck Close. Matt Lauer interviewed Autumn on the Today Show, The Discovery Channel profiled her as a child genius, and many other television programs featured the young talent, including Inside Edition, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC News. American Girl Magazine, Parenting, and Huffington Post are just a few of the publications that have spotlighted Autumn.

Although most recognized for her artwork, Autumn has an uncanny ability to inspire those around her with the wonder of creativity and the beauty of self-expression.   She is at ease in the spotlight, and has a gift of being able to reach kids and their parents with her articulate observations, and insights.  Autumn is as compassionate about helping the world as she is passionate of her art. She has traveled the country speaking on the importance of arts in education; Harvard University recently invited her to speak on the subject. Her charitable and humanitarian support also includes relief efforts in Haiti and Japan.

Autumn was invited by the City of Malibu, California to be their featured Artist in the Malibu Fine Arts Festival, sponsored by Ford Motor Company.  She also has the distinction to have been the youngest artist in the 25 year history of the Boulder City, Colorado Fine Arts Festival, and was awarded “Best of Show” (out of a field of 100 artists) in the Boulder City 2009 Spring Jamboree.

"Autumn de Forest is an Artistic Genius"
The Discovery Channel

"I own a Picasso, a Warhol - and now I own an Autumn de Forest"
M. Pivoz - Art Collector

NBC's The Today Show, Inside Edition, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, 
The Discovery Channel, ITN (UK), Sunrise (AU), American Girl Magazine 

At age six, Autumn showed her artwork as a featured artist at the prestigious Malibu Fine Art Festival. At age seven, Autumn sold her first painting for over $1,000.

As an eight year old, at her first auction, Autumn sells over $100,000.00 in 16 minutes, and signs a worldwide Publishing and Management Agreement.
Autumn is featured on a child genius special on Discovery Channel, and is interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show. 

In her ninth year, Autumn signed a worldwide licensing agreement, and continued to sell an overwhelming amount of artwork - totaling over $400,000.00.

Arts in education is a cause that is very dear to Autumn's heart, and Autumn is often invited to guest lecture at schools and organizations to promote the profound importance of the arts in education, and the folly of administrators and politicians that choose to cut those programs from public schools - especially underprivileged schools. Autumn's ability to express how learning through the arts has empowered her has led to an invitation to speak at Harvard University on the importance of keeping arts in the schools.
Autumn appeared along with art world legends Peter Max and Chuck Close at this year's annual National Art Educators Association (NAEA) conference in New York City.

As her paintings fetch up to $25,000 apiece, Autumn insists upon supporting charitable and humanitarian efforts including arts education, 
and has created artwork totaling $60,000 for relief efforts in Haiti and Japan.


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