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Luis Amer


Luis Amer was born in Barcelona on November 2, 1943 into an artistic family. His family was well connected with the photographic world, and very early he showed a special attraction and talent for drawing and painting.

In 1960 he began his studies at the well-known Acad­emy Baixas, located at the Place del Pi in Barcelona. His motivation and definite interest for the world of painting grew deeply in him, and in 1963 he entered

the "Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes,lI. He studied there under the head­masters Federico Mares and Francisco Ribera. His professors were Fran­cisco Ribera, Mestres Cabanes, Miquel Farre, Sanvisens, Puigdengolass, Olle, Santos Torella.

Amer continued his studies at the school of Romanic Art of San Cugat del Valles under headmaster Miguel Farre. There he became an expert in Cata­lan art and its different styles. Highly motivated by the world of arts and its possibilities, he studied publicly at the School of Applied Arts "Guasch Coranti"

Though he was well schooled, Amer felt he needed to learn more about the history and techniques of art. He traveled around Europe visiting numer­ous museums for a two-year period. Amer used this experience to help him develop his education and learn the techniques and tendencies of the great masters.

After his travels, he settled in Portugal where he began exhibiting his works. During this time he exhibited in the Foz Palace and created backdrops for the local ballet.

After his travels, he settled in Portugal where he began exhibiting his works. During this time he exhibited in the Foz Palace and created backdrops for the local ballet.

In 1980 Fernando Gutierrez, the art critic, wrote a small book on the artist and his painting and in 1991 a second book written by Rafael Santos Tor­roella, Luis Rosales and Jose Jimenez Lozano, Luis Amer was published.

Amer's works filled with bright colors and light link him to the tradition of the Mediterranean school.


"But be aware, this is one of the most remarkable things about his painting, Things are real and even masterful, but they are seen as if in dreams. The important thing is that his treatment of forms is immersed

in color. We should not think of new coloring and of course we should not think of "fauve" painters. In Amer, colors are unified and yet contradic­tory, and in this lies its peculiarity. In this respect, we have said before that his paintings are immersed in color. Have you never found those joyful colors that make children of us? Do those joyful colors return us to our childhood? In any of his pictures the same thing happens. They are always painted with an integrated color and yet a color with no intimate features. I think that what attracts us so much about his paintings is find­ing this play with color as if he were showing it for the first time. He has returned color to its infancy. And that is the joy we feel when we see one of Luis Amer's pictures."

Luis Rosales

Royal Academy of Language Madrid


"I began saying that not only was I curious about Amer's paintings but also what painting has done to him. This is due to the fact that he is a 'landscape painter,' someone who cannot only see himself as part of the world around him and, more specifically, as part of Nature, so diverse and yet unique. Just as painting and nature are intertwined, Amer identifies himself greatly and intimately with nature, just as his painting becomes part of him."

Rafael Santos Torroella Emeritus Professor University of Barcelona
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